Learn B2B Skills Anytime, Anywhere With Product Management University On-Demand

Greenville, SC– November 7, 2018– Proficientz announced today the availability of Product Management University On-Demand, an online training and certification program that offers the convenience of learning B2B product management, product marketing and sales enablement skills anywhere, anytime. Six-month subscriptions start at $1495 per person.

Product Management University On-Demand is ideal for:

  1. Individuals that want to pursue a career in product management and product marketing.
  2. Product professionals that have mastered the basics and want to grow their career with advanced product portfolio management and portfolio marketing skills.
  3. Product managers and product marketing managers that are in constant reactive mode and need simple refreshers to stay true to their fundamentals.
  4. Individuals in smaller organizations that have been asked to start a product management function but have no formal experience or no one to learn from.
  5. Organizations with large product management and product marketing teams that are in a constant state of change.

Adam Treaster, a recent graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology, is pursuing a career in product management with a high-technology company. “Product Management University On-Demand is really unique. I’ve taken other online product management courses that focus on the technical aspects of the job. Proficientz training focuses on the business and market side of product management. That knowledge will be extremely helpful in a job interview. Having the certification exam online is really convenient too.”

Product Management University On-Demand is the only online product management curriculum that integrates instructional videos, best-practice templates and hands-on exercises into the Proficientz Framework so that it’s easy for trainees to see the relationship between individual best practices and the big-picture market perspective.

You Won’t Need Training to Take the Training

online product management course

According to Anne Kimsey, Vice President of Product Management at Revegy, a sales platform for key account management, Product Management University On-Demand is ideal for her team. “We’re still in the early stages of formalizing product management. Sending our team through a two or three-day training course would be overkill. Product Management University On-Demand is ideal because It allows us to learn exactly what we need at the time we need it. The video instruction, examples and templates make it easy for us to implement product management best practices incrementally and get buy-in across the organization at a pace that’s digestible for everyone. The integration of the training and templates into the Proficientz Framework makes everything really simple.”

“Keeping your product management and product marketing skills sharp is the ultimate Catch 22,” according to John Mansour, Managing Partner at Proficientz. “Product managers and marketers spend their days focused on the tasks at hand, and they rarely have the time to take a breath and further hone their skills. Product Management University On-Demand is ideal for product professionals that want to keep their skills sharp because they can learn new skills in small doses and get quick refreshers at their convenience.”

For Datacolor, a color management hardware and software solutions provider, Product Management University On-Demand is the perfect complement to Proficientz classroom training.  According to Cheryl Johnston, Director of Product Management, “the most valuable thing about the on-demand training besides the anytime refresher courses, is the integration into the Proficientz Framework. It’s just like the training we’ve done onsite. The instructional videos are just as good as the classroom training with the same great examples and templates to follow.”

Diane Geisler, Vice President of Marketing at Datacolor agrees. “Our marketing team is constantly running fast and furious and it’s nice to be able to just take a step back at our convenience and get quick refreshers that help us speak to our customers in their language.”

About Product Management University On-Demand

  • Online modules are grouped to mirror the instructor-led training courses. A course guide is available.
  • Six-month and one-year subscriptions are available starting at $1495 per person.
  • All course instruction is delivered via video.
  • Proficientz Certification is a two-hour online exam.
  • The course introduction module is free.

About Proficientz

Since 2001, Proficientz has helped B2B organizations deliver, market and sell solutions with greater strategic value by emphasizing customer success over product success. The Proficientz Framework and Product Management University Training offer best practices for delivering, marketing and selling solutions that make customers measurably better at their business. Great products are the end result.