Learn At Your Convenience! Product Management Training Online

Proficientz will be introducing a series of product management training online courses in 2017. We may have been overly optimistic in thinking we could deliver them in 2016, but we were unable to find a platform that made it simple for our users. So we’re adding functionality to our existing client portal and integrating the training with our tools to deliver a seamless experience

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How Will You Use Them?

To help us nail the usability of these self-study online courses, we’d appreciate your response to a 2-question survey to let us know how you plan to use them.

About Our Online Product Management Courses

  • Lecture segments will be done via video.
  • Each video segment will contain real-World examples.
  • Templates will be provided for the hands-on exercises.
  • Hands-on exercises will follow the example and allow you to complete them for your products, markets, etc.

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