A Market & Business Requirements Course

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business requirements course


A Market & Business Requirements Course

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business requirements course

Your odds of missing the mark go way up when you see the market through the lens of your products! Markets & Customer Goals is a business requirements course for B2B where you’ll learn how to uncover and document outcome-based business requirements that reflect how your target customers see themselves — their business goals, priorities and the biggest obstacles impeding their success.

You’ll learn how to identify key success metrics so that your products and marketing messages never miss the value target, from the executive suite (strategic) all the way down to the job tasks in the trenches (tactical).

You’ll be able to communicate clear answers to the WHO, WHAT & WHY questions before anyone even asks.

This course is the prerequisite for all other Proficientz courses.

One Less Thing to Figure Out!

You’ll always know exactly what you’re learning and how it’s relevant to the big picture. Unlike our competitors, every Proficientz course module maps directly to its namesake section in the Proficientz Framework so that you don’t need a reference chart to figure it out. The course icons and framework are color-coded by design to make it even easier.

Business Requirements

Markets & Customer Goals Course Objectives

  1. See your target customers the same way they see themselves so you can make them better at what they do and grow profitably doing it.
  2. Determine the most lucrative market segments for your organization (the portfolio) instead of doing it for each product so that priorities aren’t constantly competing and changing.
  3. Identify the market dynamics that are shaping the strategies and business priorities of your target customers from the top down so that your products, marketing messages, sales conversations and customer implementations never miss the strategic value target.

Challenges Addressed

  • Product-Biased Market Views – You see the market through the lens of your products instead of seeing it through the lens of the customer.
  • Strategic Decisions Based on Tactical Information – Strategic market needs are confused with tactical user needs and your product, marketing and sales efforts are disproportionately focused on things that aren’t strategic to customers, or your organization.
  • Competing Plans & Priorities – Product-biased views of the market and sales-driven product priorities result in competing and constantly changing priorities across products, marketing and sales.
  • Feature-Driven Customer Implementations – You’re teaching your customers how to use product features instead of teaching them how to be more successful at their jobs with your products.

Course Takeaways

  • Wider Market Lens, More Valuable Insights – You’ll understand your target customers as well or better than they understand themselves so that you’re consistently building, delivering, marketing and selling strategic business value.
  • Alignment of Product, Marketing & Sales Teams – When everyone’s priorities are aligned to the customer’s business priorities, there isn’t much to debate!
  • A Clear Line of Sight From the Top Down – You’ll be able to articulate what your target customers are trying to accomplish, why those business goals are important, and what’s stopping them – from the executive suite (strategic) down to the people in the trenches (tactical) so that everything you do has greater value to the market.
  • Customer Value Narrative – Your product plans, marketing messages, sales conversations and customer implementations will be headlined with a WHO, WHAT & WHY customer value narrative instead of a HOW product/technical narrative.


  1. Greater Strategic Value – Your products and services will deliver greater strategic value and drive new growth because they’re aimed directly at the top-down business goals and priorities of your target customers.
  2. Change-Resistant Priorities – When your priorities are in complete alignment with the strategic and tactical goals of your target customers, they won’t change unless the market suddenly shifts.
  3. Stronger Downstream Execution – When there is a crystal clear definition of WHO your target customers are, WHAT they’re trying to accomplish and WHY, the HOW part (development, marketing, sales and delivery) is easier for everyone.

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