A Product Marketing & Sales Enablement Course

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Product Positioning Course


A Product Marketing & Sales Enablement Course!

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Product Positioning Course

The best story (not always the best product) wins! Market & Sell is a product marketing and sales enablement course for B2B. You’ll learn how to tell the customer’s version of your value story so that it’s easy for buyers to understand how you’ll make them quantifiably more successful than the competition.

When you complete this course, you’ll know how to create positioning that speaks to the aspirations of your buyers, give sales a simple and differentiating story to tell, and generate more revenue from existing products!

Pre-requisite: Markets & Customer Goals

One Less Thing to Figure Out!

market & sell courseYou’ll always know exactly what you’re learning and how it’s relevant to the big picture. Unlike our competitors, every Proficientz course module maps directly to its namesake section in the Proficientz Framework so that you don’t need a reference chart to figure it out. The course icons and framework are color-coded by design to make it even easier.

Product Positioning Course

Market & Sell Course Objectives

  1. Create conversational positioning that opens more dialogues with decision-makers (qualified leads).
  2. Communicate unique differentiation in customer value terminology versus technical product speak.
  3. Raise the consultative selling quotient of the salesforce so they can play stronger offense.

Challenges Addressed

  • You’re Speaking the Language of Your Products – Your marketing and sales messages are more about your products than they are the business goals and aspirations of your target customers.
  • Tactical Positioning – Your messaging is one-dimensional and speaks primarily to users, forcing your salespeople into more feature wars, longer sales cycles and bigger discounts.
  • Too Much Selling, Too Little Listening – You’re spending too much time talking about your company and your products and too little time asking insightful questions and understanding what your prospective customers are trying to accomplish and why it’s important to their business.

Course Takeaways

  • Higher Marketing & Sales Credibility – If you convince your target customers that you’re more knowledgeable about their industry and business operations than the competition, they’ll assume your products and services are superior. You’ll learn how to flip the script from product to customer.
  • Top-Down Positioning – You’ll learn how to communicate strategic value to executives, operational value to department heads and tactical value to managers and users without all the overhead of generic buyer and user personas.
  • Consultative Selling – Sometime, the most effective selling isn’t really selling. It’s asking insightful questions, listening and facilitating business conversations that inform your buyers on best practices for meeting their goals. Learn how to master those techniques so that the value of your company and its solutions are communicated in the most relevant and credible context.
  • Industry Best Practice Expertise – The more you can convince buyers that your solutions follow current industry best practices, the easier it is to convince them that they don’t need custom solutions.


  1. More Conversations With Decision-Makers – If your messaging speaks to decision-makers, your salespeople will have more conversations with them early in the sales cycle to create preference.
  2. Clearer Differentiation – Your products probably aren’t that different. What makes your solutions unique in the eyes of your buyers is your organization’s knowledge of their industry and how those dynamics are shaping their business operations. Positioning your products in that context creates clear differentiation.
  3. Higher Quality Leads – When your demand generation activities are headlined with the strategic goals and operational priorities of your target customers, your pipeline will consistently fill with low-hanging fruit.

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