Any suggestions on managing enhancement requests? We have hundreds of them in a spreadsheet.

Managing enhancement requests by the hundreds or thousands is impossible, especially if you’re using a spreadsheet. Here’s an approach that will simplify this exercise and give you greater insights for product planning and prioritization efforts.

Set up buckets or categories for enhancements, not by product, but by customer activity. For example, if your product is used by airlines to get passengers through their trip, you could track enhancements by passenger activities like check-in, ticket purchase, boarding, etc. As enhancements come in, regardless of product, drop them into the appropriate bucket. When it comes time to plan future versions of your products, simply look at each of the customer activity buckets to determine areas needing the most attention. Balance these priorities with others necessary to retain customers, drive new growth, etc. Often, there is a great deal of overlap.

Bottom line: It’s easier to manage and prioritize enhancements from the perspective of what customers do.