Best Practices for Managing Third-Party & Internal Products

IT Product Manager Course


Best Practices for Managing Third-Party & Internal Products

IT Product Manager Course

The IT product manager course teaches proven best practices for product management that are fine-tuned for internal and third-part products. Your team will come away with a common baseline of best practices, terminology, tools and workflows so they can deliver tactical products and solutions that have strategic value to your internal customers and their customers.

When you complete this course, you’ll know how to take the shortest and most efficient route from Point A (the business goals of your customers) to Point B (the product investments required to support them).

2-Day Course: $1495/person

IT Product Manager Course Objectives

  1. Improve product management’s efficiency and consistency.
  2. Deliver solutions with quantifiable value to the organization.
  3. Operate from the customer’s perspective first, before making product decisions.

Challenges Addressed

  • The IT department does not have a reputation for strong customer focus.
  • Your team is a mash-up of skills, experience levels and backgrounds.
  • Customer departments do their own thing when they don’t like solutions offered by IT.
  • Project scope is a moving target because customer requirements change on the fly.
  • Difficulty communicating the value of new solutions leads to slow adoption.

Course Takeaways

  • Learn how to define market and business requirements from the customer’s perspective.
  • Learn how to create roadmaps based on customer business goals and priorities.
  • Learn how to prioritize projects based on the quantifiable business impact to the customer/organization.
  • Learn a two-tiered approach to user stories so that your product backlogs have just as much context around WHO, WHAT & WHY (job task scenarios) as they do HOW (product specs).
  • Learn how to execute product rollouts consistently and get customers energized to adopt new solutions faster.


  • Greater consistency in processes and practices delivers better results with less effort.
  • A value-based approach for delivering solutions leads to faster adoption and allocation of project costs.
  • Demonstrable proof that IT is adding value to the business.

At the end of this workshop, you’ll know HOW to execute with greater proficiency so that you’re consistently delivering products and solutions that accomplish two things:

  1. Make users measurably better at their job in ways that have value to the organization.
  2. Quantify the value to the organization.

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