IT Product Management Training

IT Product Management Training

“Internal/third-party products aren’t the same as commercial products.”

“Every department thinks their projects are the only priority.”

“We don’t do a good job of internal marketing to improve adoption”

This IT product management training course is not your typical product management training class that focuses on commercial products. It’s a hands-on, how-to workshop where you’ll learn how to apply the basic concepts of product management and product marketing to internal and third-party products that are managed within an IT department.

You’ll learn how to systematically identify and meet the needs of your internal and external customers with a stronger market focus and greater process efficiencies. You’ll learn how to establish IT portfolio investment priorities by aligning products and projects to the business strategy. You’ll improve adoption rates of new and existing solutions with stronger rollouts and internal marketing techniques.

Training Program Overview

Identifying Needs of Internal & External Customers

In this section of the course, you’ll learn how to understand your internal and external customers as well as they understand themselves to ensure all product decisions are aligned to their business goals.

  • Learn how to identify market, customer and competitive insights and map them to the priorities set forth by your internal business owners to get a clear picture of where you stand, where you need to go and why.
  • Learn how to battle “shiny new object” product ideas with factual market and customer information.
  • Learn how to develop simple buyer and user personas that drive product direction, marketing messages and sales dialogues.
  • Learn how to use market and customer insights to establish a strong foundation of outside-in market needs that drive all aspects of product management and product marketing.

The Proficientz Difference: Your products will solve bigger problems and your marketing messages will be more relevant because we make it easier to identify the most critical needs of your target customers from the top down.

Creating a Portfolio Strategy & Product Plans

In this section of the course you’ll learn how to create an IT Portfolio Strategy and supporting product plans that articulate how you’ll make your business units successful and use your products to drive profitable growth.

  • Learn how to create strategies, roadmaps and product plans that have staying power because they illustrate the value of delivering higher impact solutions and ensure you’ll recover the cost of doing it.
  • Learn how to get stronger buy-in from stakeholders with actionable product plans that demonstrate superior knowledge of the market and support your organization’s growth and profitability goals.

The Proficientz Difference: You’ll have fewer stops, starts and shifts in priorities because we make it easier to create strategies and product plans that are complementary instead of competitive.

Deliver, Market & Sell: It’s All About Making the Business Units Successful

In this section of the course you’ll learn how to take the devil out of the details to ensure day-to-day execution in the trenches is streamlined, simple and consistent.

  • Learn how to lead internal and third-party development teams (Agile and waterfall) with market and customer insights that inspire them to build more innovative solutions.
  • Learn how to become proficient at executing all processes for planning, prioritizing, delivering and rolling out more successful products.
  • Learn how to position and market products internally to accelerate adoption rates and recover development costs faster.
  • Learn how to structure a market-facing product management team that eliminates inefficiencies and redundancies across the board with clearly defined roles, responsibilities and artifacts.

The Proficientz Difference: You’ll execute the product delivery process with less effort because we simplify every aspect of product management.

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  • 2-Day Workshop
    • $1500 per person, 6-person onsite minimum
    • Includes 1-year access to Proficientz Templates that reinforce the training and simplify adoption.

** See our Situational Learning & Development Program for continuous on-the-job-training.

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Product Managers

Product Owners

Project Managers

Portfolio Managers

Product Development Leads

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