Instructor Led Training for Product Management & Product Marketing

Consultative Hands-On Training. You Won’t Have to “Figure It Out” After the Class!

Instructor led training courses for product management, product marketing and sales enablement that bring your real world into the classroom with hands-on exercises and practice reps that simulate your real-world. You’ll know exactly how to use what you’ve learned — because we’ll do it together in the classroom!

80% of every Proficientz training course consists of hands-on exercises and role-play scenarios that mimic your real-world situations and interactions with customers, prospects and colleagues.

Where public training workshops have to be all things to all people, instructor led training from Proficientz is all about you: Your products. Your markets. Your company culture. Your challenges. Schedule your personalized onsite workshop today.

instructor led training
Each course component begins with a best-practice overview that explains what it is, why it’s valuable and the benefit of using it.
We’re not big on theories, so we follow each best practice concept with real-world examples as used in B2B and B2B2C organizations.
Just to be sure it’s completely relevant, we’ll demonstrate how each best practice applies to your products, markets, customers, etc.
Now you get to huddle with your teammates and apply that best practice to a current situation. Proficientz templates provide the step-by-step recipe to make it simple.

After each exercise, you’ll do a read-out and get feedback from your instructor/coach to ensure you’re applying what you’ve learned in a manner that’s most beneficial to your circumstances.

Training That Continues After the Training

The learning doesn’t stop when the classroom training is over. Your team gets a free 90-day subscription to Product Management University On-Demand as part of your instructor led training workshop so that you have online refresher courses at your disposal to accelerate your adoption of the Proficientz Framework.


  • Relevance & Higher Retention 
    The most effective way to learn something is to do it. You’ll learn “how to” do product management, product marketing and sales enablement for your products, your markets and your organization.
  • Usable Skills, Not Just Concepts
    Concepts sound great in the classroom. That’s it!  Since day one, we’ve been teaching “how-to” skills that make you more valuable to your organization and open more doors for personal career advancement.
  • Easy Transition From the Classroom to the Real World
    No other product management training program gives you more real-world practice reps in the classroom.
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