An Iterative Approach to Implementing Product Management

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Implementing Product Management In Spoon Size Bites

Your markets, your customers and your organization never stop changing. Implementing product management in a way that keeps your product, marketing, sales and delivery teams in constant alignment with the market is imperative to your growth and profitability goals.

Since 2001, we’ve been helping B2B and B2B2C organizations implement product management, product marketing and sales enablement in just about every imaginable situation. We know exactly what works, what doesn’t and why because we understand what happens in the trenches.

Partner with Proficientz and get the most battle-tested product management business practices from highly successful organizations, all packaged neatly into a practical B2B Product Management Framework with supporting templates and an iterative implementation approach that makes everything simple.

An Iterative Approach to Implementing Product Management

Implement Product Management Framework

Where is your organization headed strategically? Once we understand those strategic goals, we’ll determine the contributions product management is expected to make and draw the bulls-eye for the implementation.

How will we get there? We’ll identify the critical-path activities across product management, product marketing and sales enablement that have the biggest impact on the organization’s strategic goals and establish priorities accordingly.

Let the sprints begin! Your team will learn best practices for a chosen activity and see examples of how other organizations use it.

It’s all about you! Unlike other organizations that force you into their model, we’ll adapt our workflows, artifacts and communication practices to ensure they work best for your unique circumstances and have support from all stakeholders.

Do it! You’ve got everyone on board. It’s time to put this new workflow into practice and let everyone know how it’s going to make their job easier.

Do it all over again. Determine the activity with the next highest impact and repeat the process.


  • Simplicity
    It doesn’t get any easier than a custom implementation tailored to the dynamics of your markets, your products and your organization.
  • Deliver Solutions With Greater Strategic Value
    A custom implementation helps your organization develop a stronger market focus that ultimately results in higher value solutions, more successful customers and faster growth.

  • Results
    That’s the benefit of an iterative implementation! You’ll get the results you want because we’re not going to try to boil the ocean with a monster project plan that will never come to fruition.

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