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Who doesn’t want to hijack your roadmap? Anyone who interacts with prospects, customers and/or the products has their own agenda when it comes to your product priorities.

On any given day (or hour), anyone can justify a new pecking order based on something that’s important to someone. It turns your roadmap into a house of cards.

Here’s the thing. If the problems your products are solving aren’t tied to quantifiable customer outcomes, you’re extremely vulnerable in terms of shifting priorities. They’ll hit you at every turn!

Quantifiable customer outcomes are the great equalizer. They simplify every aspect of prioritization because their value is unquestionable. And they get everyone thinking and talking like a customer.

Most importantly, they help you establish product priorities that stick because their value to the customer can be measured! And if there’s measurable value to the customer, there’s measurable value to your organization. It’s that simple.

What’s On Your Roadmap?

Instead of answering this question with a feature list, you’ll answer it like this.

“In the next release customers will be able to identify the total global revenue potential in their top accounts by eliminating silos and multiple disparate account plans across the global account team. Key features are…”

The Free Product Management Course

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  • Keep your enhancement list to no more than 12 items.
  • Simplify prioritization and create priorities that stick.
  • Capture enhancements in story format so the value context clear.
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  • 3 Hands-On Exercises & Templates.
  • 5-Step Implementation Guide.

You won’t find a more valuable course even if you paid for it!

Enroll in the Free On-Demand Course