Product Management Framework Evolution


“What are the latest trends in B2B product management & product marketing?”

“What should we be thinking about?”

“How are other organizations dealing with…?”

Since 2001, our product management framework evolution has consistently answered these questions so that you have one less thing to worry about. 

When you partner with Proficientz for product management, product marketing and sales enablement training, you can rest assured you’re using the simplest, most current and battle-tested best practices for B2B. Unlike our competition, we don’t take a generic, one-size-fits-all approach that applies to both consumer and B2B products but isn’t specific to either.

Take a walk through the evolution of our product management framework to see how we’ve made it easier for B2B organizations to build, market, sell and deliver solutions with greater strategic value to accelerate growth.

Version 1.0

The Basics With a Heavy Focus on “How-To” Execution! 2001

The B2B product management profession was still relatively young and the market lacked a simple “how-to” approach for delivering, marketing and selling products.

Version 1.0 delivered in 10 steps.

Version 2.0

B2B Product Management is Being Pushed to Grow Up Faster! 2004

The evolution from products to solutions was off and running as the dot-com aftermath left B2B organizations with a portfolio of disparate fire-sale products. Managing and marketing all those products in fragmented silos was spreading scarce resources even thinner.

A framework for delivering, marketing and selling integrated multi-product solutions was born! “How-to” techniques that simplify day-to-day execution remain the foundation.

Version 3.0

“Solutions” Product Management Grows Up!  2008

The scope of uncovering needs in B2B goes beyond users and managers and up to the executive suite where strategic initiatives and performance metrics dictate priorities down in the trenches.  Job 1: Product teams must unite behind a common view of the “customer organization” deliver integrated multi-product solutions that are more strategic to the customer’s business than any single product.

Our 2008 model upped the ante on “how-to” execution and simplicity, further distancing Proficientz from the competition.

Version 4.0

Portfolio Management Meets Agile Development! 2011

It’s a marriage made in heaven. A single portfolio roadmap themed on strategic customer goals is the perfect backdrop for operational epics and user stories that ensure all products are going in a common direction and delivering more strategic value together than any single product can deliver on its own.

The end-game remains the same: eliminate competing product silos that result in constantly changing priorities; simplify execution with a paint-by-numbers “how-to” approach; deliver, market and sell higher-value solutions.

Version 5.0

Portfolio Strategy and Product Plans Marry! 2014

The gap between portfolio strategy and product plans is eliminated to improve execution!

The portfolio roadmap (the destination) and the “turn-by-turn” directions (supporting product plans/roadmaps) are integrated to ensure there’s consensus on how the strategy will be executed at the individual product level. “How-to” techniques and templates that simplify everything are further refined.

Product Management Tools and Templates

Version 6.0

Measurable Customer Value and Simplicity Drive Everything! 2017

The top-down business goals of your target customers are the focal point of everything. It’s a simple can’t-miss approach that guarantees you’re delivering, marketing, selling and implementing solutions that make customers measurably better at their business. Do it consistently and your growth and profitability goals will take care of themselves.

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