Effective product positioning comes in many forms. But there’s only one outcome you’re looking for: An emotional reaction. Do it consistently and your pipeline will be chock full of qualified leads. Reminding your buyers of their biggest stressors before serving up the solutions is one way to evoke the emotional reaction that ultimately engages your salespeople with decision-makers.

In a world where products and services commoditize quickly, value propositions among competing companies usually follow the same script. Optimize this. Maximize that. Improve this. Minimize that. Grow revenue. Reduce costs. Most of them could make an energy drink sleepy!

These typical value propositions, most of which are true claims, won’t even register on the emotional Richter scale. So what does?

For more effective product positioning, your bold headings, titles, themes, and leading statements should be something that every buyer would agree with, and worded in a way that causes buyers to relive their biggest headaches. For example:

  • “Keeping up with new and changing government regulations is a profit-eating nightmare.” What company in a regulated industry wouldn’t agree with that?
  • “You have revenue leaks that you don’t even know about.” You’d get no argument from any healthcare provider in the USA.
  • “Your best employees never give you a warning shot before they resign and send your department into a tailspin.” What manager doesn’t have this issue?

There’s no magic here. Just repeat the most common things that you hear from your customers, word for word, and you’ve got their attention. A short sentence explaining why each issue occurs enhances your credibility and offers the perfect setup to position your solution.

You could argue that these are just classic pain points, and you’d be right. Just don’t make the mistake of watering them down in an attempt to be eloquent with your words. “Increasing and complex government regulations are driving up costs.”  Statements like these are white noise – they’re out there but no one pays attention them anymore.

Most of us gravitate toward people who think just like we do. Convince your buyers that you’re simpatico with them and your positioning will open more doors at the decision-maker level. Teach sales how to talk the talk, and your win rate will go up significantly.

If your positioning isn’t evoking an emotional reaction, contact us about a Product Positioning Workshop where you’ll learn how to hook buyers and offer solutions that relieve stress far better than the competition.