Ask your colleagues to define your organization’s “culture” and you’re sure to get a wide variety of interpretations. But defining a “customer value” culture is pretty straightforward: It’s about making sure your entire organization is driven by the strategic goals of your target customers. When that is your primary modus operandi, you’ll routinely be rewarded with predictable growth.

So how do you go about fostering such a culture? It starts with answering one simple question that becomes the battle cry for your entire organization:

“What do my target customers ultimately want to accomplish to be a leader in their market?” 

The answer isn’t revenue and profitability. Rather, it’s one or two things that your target customers aspire to do consistently better than their competitors to achieve and maintain market leadership and meet their own revenue and profitability goals.

Here’s the deal. Your customers are coming to you for business solutions that help them get rid of organizational silos so they can better execute their strategy. How can you help them if your product teams are working in silos of their own, concerned only with creating “great products for users” without the big-picture view of the customer’s strategic goals?

Download/view the white paper for a fresh perspective on the difference between customer value versus strategic customer value.  Then contact Proficientz to discuss how our situational learning model and advanced best practices can help your organization deliver, market and sell strategic value faster and easier than any other product management training provider.