All customer testimonials pretty much follow the same blueprint.

  • Customer background.
  • The problem the customer was facing before our solution.
  • Our solution and how it solved the problem.
  • Benefits to the customer and success metrics.

These elements are important parts of the story, but they still beg the question, So what? The Playbook:

Customer Testimonials: The Wheel That’s Missing

Here’s the part that’s missing from your customer testimonials – THE BIG WHY!

If you want to market and sell the strategic value of your solutions, your customer testimonials need one more layer that answers that question.

WHY was solving that problem so critical to the success of the customer’s business that they had to make a significant investment of time, money and people to adopt your solution? In other words, what happened that suddenly elevated that problem to the A-list?

That’s your BIG WHY.

The answer to that question usually relates to the market dynamics in the customer’s industry and how those dynamics are forcing their hand strategically. To successfully execute their strategic initiatives, they had to overcome key business obstacles eliminated by your products. Cha-ching!

See how easy it is to communicate the strategic value of your products.

Your New Blueprint for Customer Testimonials

  1. Customer background.
  2. Market dynamics in the customer’s industry and their impact on the customer’s strategic priorities.
  3. Obstacles standing in the way of executing the strategy. Keep this part of the story to a business dialog and resist the temptation to say things like, “they didn’t have a tool/platform/technology…”
  4. Our solution and how it eliminated the obstacles. Insert product capabilities here!
  5. Outcomes (success metrics) the customer is experiencing as a result of our solutions and how they’re helping the customer organization meet its strategic goals.

Without the additional layer, your customer testimonials are still good but they’re still tactical. Even with success metrics, you need more context about WHY those metrics are critical to the customer’s strategy. It’s the lynchpin to communicating your strategic value.

Want to learn how to create customer testimonials that highlight your strategic value? Contact us about a hands-on workshop (via web meeting) or enroll in Product Management University On-Demand and learn whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you.

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