It’s the little things that matter most when it comes to raising the customer experience from good to great. Sometimes there’s no substitute for just being “the customer” yourself.

As a bona fide road warrior, I spend more than my fair share of time in hotels. I have to say, the hotel industry has done so many things over the years to create a better experience for the business traveler.  If hotel owners and operators spent some time as a guest in their hotels, here are a few opportunities they might discover to move the business traveler experience from good to great – and maybe even memorable.

Finding a Hotel Near an Address

The search filters on most hotel websites allow you “find hotels near an address.” There’s just one small problem. They estimate the distance from the meeting address to the hotel instead of giving you an accurate route-based distance. The worst part is that there’s nothing on the hotel websites to tell you that it’s not accurate. The hotel website shows 4.3 miles to your meeting location and google maps shows 9.2 miles. Google maps is the winner every time!

Seems like an accurate GPS application would be a simple improvement and save loyal guests a few minutes and a few clicks to reserve a hotel room.

Hotel Wi-Fi

I always register for hotel Wi-Fi from my room shortly after arrival. But then I use Wi-Fi in the gym, in the hotel restaurant and occasionally in the lobby area. Each time I move to a different Wi-Fi zone I’m usually required to register again. One Wi-Fi registration for use anywhere in the hotel would be awesome.


I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that the overwhelming majority of hotel guests turn on the TV so they can watch TV. Most hotel TV systems take you directly to a menu with lots of entertainment options like movies, games, music, and of course, TV. Some of them make it difficult, even for tech savvy people, to find the TV option. Wouldn’t it be much simpler to go straight to the TV (for the 80% of guests) and then let others (20% of guests) invoke the menu of options if they want something other than TV?

And by the way, one of the smallest things I appreciate most in a hotel room is a printed channel guide. One that’s in plain view, not tucked away in the “Hotel Services” guide over by the desk. It’s the easiest way to find my favorite channels. If only the TV channels in the gym were the same as those in the room. It’s rarely the case, plus there are no channel guides of any kind in the hotel gym.

For all the conveniences hotels offer their guests, like using the phone app to register and get my room key before I arrive (one of my personal favorites), there are a host of small opportunities, none of which are deal-breakers, that could take a business traveler experience from good to great.

How many organizations understand their customers as well as those customers understand themselves? Give us your favorites.

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