Here are three common obstacles to creating stickier products and how to overcome them.

1. How You See Your Users

The number one most difficult thing for all of us is to see our users through the lens of the job they do instead of seeing them through the lens of our products.

Spend more time talking to users about the entire scope of their job and how they’re measured. You’ll uncover more ways to make them successful than you ever thought. Everything about your job quickly comes into focus.

2. Focusing on Problems vs. Outcomes

Too much focus on solving user problems and not enough focus on improving user outcomes.

Value is all about making people measurably more successful at their job. Start with the end in mind (the highest value outcomes) and the biggest obstacles will hit you right between the eyes.

Focus on eliminating those obstacles with specific and quantifiable outcomes as your target. Watch users fall head-over-heels in love with your products!

3. Structuring Product Teams for User Success vs. Product Success

Product teams are structured more for product success (inside-out) than customer success (outside-in). Customer value has to be top priority.

Create project teams around specific user outcomes and watch product quality and usability soar. The BIG WHY (outcomes) just have a way of keeping everyone focused on what’s most important.

Creating stickier products is more than just creating products people love to use. In B2B, they ultimately have to make people more successful at their job in ways that have value to the organization.

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