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How to Create a Strategic Portfolio Roadmap

Atlanta, GA March 28, 2017: $795 per person Strategic Portfolio Roadmapping Workshop In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn how to develop a strategic portfolio roadmap that drives new growth by shifting your inside-out product vision to an outside-in customer vision. Instead of constantly wrangling over competing product visions that no one can ever agree on, you’ll learn how to craft a short and long-term portfolio roadmap that mirrors the vision and business goals of your target customers. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to create a strategic roadmap that can be executed in the trenches by product, marketing and sales teams. […]

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Product Training for Sales – More Buyer, Less Product!

Product training for sales is one of the more daunting tasks for product managers and marketers and one of the biggest product rollout challenges in high-tech companies. You’ve created textbook sales and marketing materials.  You’ve spoon fed the information to the sales team on several occasions and in varying formats.  You’ve accompanied them on sales calls.  And yet, they’re still challenged to articulate key value points that hook a prospect and position your products in a manner that’s compelling. Try these 3 tactics and the proficiency of your salesforce will make a huge leap forward. […]

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A Successful Product Rollout: The Key to a Killer Marketing Launch

A product rollout is mostly tactical in nature and is focused primarily on internal readiness — your ability to successfully market, sell, implement and support a new product. A product launch is the execution of a marketing communications plan designed to call the markets attention to your value proposition. A successful rollout is the key to a successful launch. […]

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The Product Portfolio Management Discipline: 3 Dimensions That Make You More Market-Driven

A product portfolio management discipline in B2B is more about your portfolio’s alignment to customer goals than it is to your own revenue and profitability goals. Why? If you’re going to be a market-driven organization, everything needs to be aligned with the business goals of your target customers to ensure there’s a common focal point that’s meaningful across product, marketing and sales teams. Cover these three bases and strengthen your portfolio’s alignment to the market. […]

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How Much “Market” Is In Your (MRD) Market Requirements Document?

Most B2B organizations use a Market Requirements Document (MRD) for driving new solutions to market. How much of the content in those MRDs should be pure market requirements versus product requirements? A good rule of thumb — 100% market and 0% product. […]

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Establishing Product Priorities vs. Marketing Priorities: Two Simple Questions

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to product investment priorities and marketing spend priorities. Answer these two simple questions and those priority decisions get a lot easier. […]

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Two Things Senior Executives Value Most From Product Management

If you want raise the level of product management influence, think like an executive.  Consider the various situations your senior executives find themselves in and the types of information that help them make more informed decisions. Then make it a routine practice to brief your executives accordingly.  Make your executives look good and watch the product management influence skyrocket. […]

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Three Reasons to Shift From Horizontal Products to Industry Solutions

Making the shift from horizontal products to industry solutions boils down to differentiation…not just the marketing and messaging variety but adding product capabilities specific to key industry segments that deliver exponentially more value than generic one-size-fits-all products or services. […]

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Can You Solve Big Problems With a Single Product?

Can a single product really solve big problems that are strategic to a customer? For 80% of B2B products and services, the answer is generally NO!  Kudos to the 20% that can. […]

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Why Product Managers Become Practice Managers in an Agile Environment

If you’re a product manager, how fun would it be if you actually got to steer the product ship as outlined in your job description! Well, good news: If your development team is using or implementing Agile, the stars are aligned in your favor. Incorporate these responsibilities into your next agile product manager job description and have fun doing product management the way it was meant to be! […]

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