What are some tactics for better web demos that keep the audience more engaged?

When it comes to web demos, you don’t have the benefit of reading your audience as you would in a face-to-face situation, even when everyone has their cameras on. You can also assume your audience is doing at least one other task so you want to be sure to give them a reason to pay full attention.

3 Tactics to Make Your Web Demos More Engaging

1. Get to the Point Quickly

Dispense with company overviews and “all about us” slides at the beginning of the demo and start with a single slide summarizing objective of the demo. It should reflect a business goal of the buyer. For example, if you’re doing a marketing automation demo, your first slide might resemble the following:

Objective: Create Higher Quality Leads

a) Segment your audience

b) Set up a marketing campaign

c) Define performance metrics

d) Analyze campaign performance

In this example, you’re stating the ultimate business outcome your buyer wants followed by four job tasks you’re going to improve to achieve that outcome. It’s simple and to the point.

2. Ask More Open-Ended Questions

A demo is all about engaging your buyers and building relationships. But web demos don’t always offer the opportunity to read your audience and determine if a question or discussion is appropriate. To compensate, take more pauses and have a collection of open-ended questions to stimulate discussion.

Many presenters might ask, “Does that look OK to you?” Even if the answer is “yes” it doesn’t foster any discussion.

Instead, ask “How does this compare with what you’re doing today?” Any response to this question will result in a meaningful discussion that helps you create a greater urgency to buy.

3. Be More Animated

Your voice needs to convey all the things your audience would normally see in your body language and facial expressions. If you want to hold the attention of your audience, it’s critical to inject more emotion into a web demo. Smile, sit up straight or stand and pretend it’s a face-to-face demo. Your audience will see and hear your energy and reward you with their undivided attention.

Web demos are all about rhythm. Short and to the point scenarios, dialogue that’s focused more on the buyer’s business than the product, and a knowledgeable presenter that speaks with energy and conviction all make for a great web demo.

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