Basic Product Management Training

Basic Product Management Training

This training program is ideal if…

“we’re just getting started or recently re-organized.”

“most of our product managers and marketers are technical?”

“we’re reinventing the wheel for everything?”

This basic product management training course is a hands-on, how-to workshop for B2B product and service organizations that will help you get higher value solutions to market with less churn in the trenches.

It’s ideal for bringing a new team together or rebooting an existing team that’s strayed from the fundamentals. You’ll learn best practices that are unique to B2B organizations and get supporting tools & templates that close the gap between the classroom and the real world. It’s everything you need for a fast start so your team can consistently deliver, market and sell higher-value solutions without reinventing the wheel every step of the way.

Training Course Overview

Know Your Markets and Your Customers Better Than You Know Your Products

No matter how well you know your products, you have to know your markets and your customers better! In this section of the course, you’ll learn how to understand your target customers as well as they understand themselves. The result: product plans, marketing messages and sales tools that consistently hit the mark.

  • Learn how to define market segments so that everyone sees your markets through the same lens.
  • Learn how to define business and user requirements with unquestionable market value.
  • Learn how to stay ahead of the competition with insights that are far more valuable than a feature matrix.


Create Product Plans That Can be Executed With Confidence

When product plans compete, no one wins! In this section of the course, your team will learn how to use a common view of the market to create product roadmaps and product plans/backlogs with unquestionable market value. The result: Shiny object syndrome? Bring it on!

  • Learn how to create product roadmaps, plans and backlogs that answer the most discriminating who, what & why questions about market and customer value.
  • Learn how to do coordinated product planning where each product plays a role in forming higher-value solutions.
  • Learn how to sell your knowledge of the market to get more funding for your product plans.


Simplify Execution and Get Predictable Results

Don’t make the heavy lifting any heavier than it needs to be! In this section of the course, you’ll learn how to take the devil out of the details to ensure day-to-day execution in the trenches is streamlined, simple (in relative terms) and consistent across all product teams. The result: better outcomes with less effort.

  • Learn how to inspire engineering teams with regular briefings on the market and the customers.
  • Learn how to make new products/features successful right out of the gate using Agile or waterfall.
  • Learn how to position business solutions that open more doors at the decision-maker level.
  • Learn how to train salespeople and deliver sales tools that make you more credible than the competition.
  • Learn how to structure a product management team that’s as knowledgeable about markets as it is products.

The Proficientz Difference: Your solutions will be more valuable, your value propositions will be more relevant and your salespeople will win more because our B2B product management framework is the only one that teaches you how to make your customers successful and use your products and services to grow profitably doing it.

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  • 2-Day Workshop
    • $1250 per person, 6-person onsite minimum
    • Includes 1-year access to Proficientz Templates that reinforce the training and simplify adoption.

** See our Situational Learning & Development Program for continuous on-the-job-training.

Client Site Only

Who Should Attend

Product Managers

Product Owners

Product Strategy Managers

Product & Solutions Marketing Managers

Product Development Leads

Program/Release Managers

Directors & VPs