What suggestions do you have for overcoming bad product PR? I have a product that has a poor reputation based on legacy quality issues that have since been resolved. Rebuilding product credibility continues to be difficult internally and externally.

Overcoming bad product PR comes down to generating enough positive product PR, both internally and externally, to drown out the bad. Follow these six steps.
  1. Find a few customers that have the best odds of succeeding with the new & improved version of the product give it to them at no cost for a specified period of time.
  2. Throw resources at them as necessary to ensure they experience “quantifiable” success.
  3. In return, ask them for permission to use their case studies/testimonials in your internal and external marketing and PR activities.
  4. Once they begin to experience success and you have the positive sound bytes, publish them internally to create positive momentum.
  5. Then take the message externally in case studies, webinars, white papers and articles in trade publications.
  6. As a bonus, try to find opportunities for those customers to speak on your behalf.

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