B2B Product Manager September 2021

The highest performing product management teams know the market as well or better than they know their products. There’s only one way to get that expertise…spend more time with prospects and customers.

A regular cadence of job rotation is an easy way to keep the product management cupboard stocked with market expertise.

This month we also look at the importance of better sales discovery techniques to improve demos and accelerate the sales process, plus taking your product marketing game up a notch to solutions marketing.

Enjoy our September issue.

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Blog: High-Octane Product Management

Product Management Playbook

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“Our Target Customers Most Want to Improve…”

What Are Value-Themed Roadmaps?

Product Management: Learn how to communicate your vision and priorities in customer outcome terms without backing yourself into a corner on scope commitments. Features are optional!

Product Marketing: Learn how to create targeted solution roadmaps that fence the salesforce into your most lucrative markets, result in higher quality pipelines and generate more revenue from existing products.

Request a personalized training course and learn what good looks like for your products, your markets and your business model.

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