The B2B Product Manager October 2020

The product led growth model is gaining tremendous momentum. This month we look at the impact on product management and product marketing. It’s big, or maybe that’s just the way it should have always been.

As most companies deal with leaner sales pipelines, your product demos are even more critical to making the shortlist. If they’re not energizing buyers and creating a sense of urgency, it might be time for a changeup!

Join me for a 3-hour live (web meeting) demo workshop on November 12th. See the details below.

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Product Demo Workshop November 12, 2020

This is NOT the reaction you want after a demo!

“Thank you very much for your time today. That was interesting. We’ll be in touch.”

It doesn’t exactly scream enthusiasm for your products. In this course, you’ll learn techniques for getting buyers energized about your products. You’ll deliver demos that bring the buyer’s vision of success to life so you can push the sales process to a close.

3-hour live workshop via web meeting. $499/person. REGISTER

  • The Cold Demo – learn how to turn the situation to your advantage when you get pulled into a demo cold with no discovery and no preparation.

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