The performance of product management and the ripple effect (positive and negative) on engineering, marketing, sales and customer success is front and center this month.

It’s one of those things that gets talked about here and there, but the magnitude of that ripple effect may not be fully understood across the company.

We offer a few insights.

Enjoy The B2B Product Manager March issue.

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  • A free step-by-step guide complete with an on-demand training course for implementing outcome-based product enhancements.

You can solve legitimate customer problems and still not deliver high-value outcomes.

If your products are bloated with a lot of features customers don’t use, it’s because you’re too focused on solving problems instead of delivering outcomes.

This training lesson and guide will give you everything you need to collect, manage and prioritize enhancements based on the value of the outcomes.

It simplifies everything for engineering, marketing, sales and customer success teams!

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Enjoy The B2B Product Manager March issue.

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