B2B Product Manager November 2020 Issue

We hope your 2020 is winding down on a positive note, all things considered.

This month we take a closer look at sales effectiveness, customer retention and bundling vs. solutions.

As the pandemic economy has forced all of us to completely rethink everything, we also give you a list of things to consider for product management, product marketing and sales in 2021.

Enjoy the B2B Product Manager November issue. View the magazine.

In This Issue

Blog: High-Octane Product Management

Product Management Playbook

In the Trenches FAQs


5 Things to Consider!

  1. Are your products conducive to a product-led growth model? What would it take to get there?
  2. Have your sales traditionally been relationship-driven? Will social selling work for your target buyers?
  3. To what extent do you have to completely redefine your positioning to align with new customer priorities?
  4. Did the market shift imposted by the pandemic expose any skill deficiencies on your team? How will you strengthen those skills?
  5. To what extent do you see your customers through the lens of what you do versus the lens of what they do? How do you become more customer centric?

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