The B2B Product Manager Magazine July 2018 is now available.

It’s July and that means the second half of the fiscal year is in full swing for many organizations. That usually equates to more focus on hitting your sales numbers. This month we tackle two critical phases of the sales process –  discovery and demos – with tips for getting better results on both fronts.

On the product management side of the house, we look back 20 years to examine how the persona of the product manager has evolved and what it means for today’s product managers.

Enjoy our July issue.

In This Issue:

Blog: High-Octane Product Management

  • Curiosity: The Key to a Great Sales Discovery Meeting
  • Do Some Tactical Product Management Before Your Next Strategic Acquisition

In the Trenches FAQs: For Inquiring Product Management Minds

  • The New Product Manager Persona vs. 20 Years Ago: What’s Changed?

Product Management Playbook

  • Product Presentations & Demos: How Credibility Boosts Your Win Rate

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