B2B Product Manager June 2021 Issue

When you look at the maturity curve for your product management team, don’t focus so much on the skills they have. Pay more attention to the business outcomes customers get from products your team is delivering.

Also, read on to see how product management can earn its way into the driver’s seat on strategic direction until someone else proves they know it better.

Plus, a few easy chip shots on improving sales effectiveness and a free course on managing product enhancements the easy way.

Enjoy our B2B Product Manager June issue.

In This Issue

Blog: High-Octane Product Management

Product Management Playbook

In the Trenches FAQs



Outcome-Based Product Enhancements

Simplify How You Collect, Manage & Prioritize Product Enhancements!

  • 24 minutes of video
  • 3 hands-on exercises
  • 5-step implementation guide

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