The B2B Product Manager August 2020

The B2B Product Manager August 2020 looks at the blessing and the curse that goes with marketing and selling feature-rich products. We also give you the missing layer to your customer testimonials if you want to showcase strategic value.

There’s one key strategic part of product management that got lost in the agile shuffle. Learn how to bring it back, plus how to quantify your market focus.

Enjoy the B2B Product Manager August 2020 issue.

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Delivering New Solutions Without Building New Products

It’s Like Finding Money Between the Sofa Cushions

Think of a solution this way. It’s something your target customers do, and if they do it well, it has measurable strategic value to their business.

You can deliver new solutions without building new products. It’s as simple as positioning, marketing and selling high-value business outcomes instead of features & benefits.

For example, restaurants want to grow the volume of take-out/delivery orders to compensate for the limited dine-in capacity. If you have a combination of products that impact that outcome, it’s a new solution.

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