You could argue that the product management role is no different between consumer products and B2B products and services. Identify market needs and meet them with a product that can drive profitable growth. What’s the big deal?

There is a gaping hole that exists between corporate financial goals and the constantly growing slate of tactical product initiatives.  When that gap exists, every market opportunity and every product idea seems like a good one.  It’s a path of distraction that’s stifling the growth of many B2B organizations.

Product management and product marketing teams collectively own the responsibility for closing the “strategy gap.” Through no fault of their own, few teams are structured to do so.  It’s time for a new product management role in B2B, a new structure for product management teams and a new gauge for measuring success.

Download the white paper for some outside the box thinking. It might make you uncomfortable at first, but consider how effective it would be if your product management roles were more closely aligned to the way your target customers run their business.