Agile Product Management Courses

Agile Product Management Courses

We’re Good at User Stories, But Uncovering the Next Big Market Need…

Many Agile implementations are so focused on the process of getting user stories through the sprints that they completely ignore the upstream functions, like identifying the next big market need that will drive growth.

Schedule our agile product management training course and learn how to uncover needs that are more strategic to customers and seamlessly integrate market-facing product planning with Agile design and development.  You’ll get higher-value solutions to market faster and grow revenue. It’s the reason you’re implementing Agile, right?

How To Do Agile Product Management & Marketing

2-Day Training Course

Not Enough Market Focus to Drive Development?

Market-facing themes, epics and user stories change everything!


Portfolio Product Management & Marketing Certification

2-Hour Online Exam

Differentiate Yourself!

Make a statement with skills that are uniquely valuable in B2B.


Why Choose Proficientz?

  • Relevance – The Training is All About You
    Your markets. Your products. Your organization. Your Agile Product Management Framework.
  • Hands-On, How-To Learning
    The easiest way to learn something is to do it. We teach you “how to” do it!
  • Skills, Not Concepts
    Skills can be used in the real-world. Concepts can’t. We teach skills!
  • B2B Specialization
    Are you building generic products? Then don’t invest in generic product management training. Hire a specialist!

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