Make Customers Successful. Use Your Products & Services to Grow Profitably Doing It!

Product Portfolio Management is the new product management and marketing for B2B. Since 2001, Proficientz has provided specialized product management training & consulting for B2B organizations in high technology, healthcare, financial services, business services, telecom and manufacturing. Everything we do is about helping you understand what it takes to make your target customer organizations successful from the top down, then figuring out how to use your portfolio of products and services to grow profitably doing it. It’s the definition of product management, product marketing and sales enablement for B2B in their purest form.

What Makes Us Unique?

  • Our B2B/B2B2C specialization that emphasizes solutions over products
  • Our hands-on, how-to approach to everything
  • Our portfolio management approach to managing, marketing and selling solutions

Our Mission

  • To help you uncover business needs that are more critical to the success of your target customers,
  • To meet those needs by eliminating competing silos and constantly changing priorities, 
  • And to grow profitably by delivering solutions that have greater value than any single product.

What We Do

Our B2B Product (Portfolio) Management & Marketing Framework

Successful Customers vs. Successful Products! 

Successful products and services are the result of making customers successful. It’s an unconventional approach that doesn’t revolve around “the product,” but one that simplifies every aspect of product management, product marketing and sales enablement because it revolves around the success of the customer.

That customer-success focus is what separates the Proficientz Product Management Framework from all other product-centric frameworks. Our best practices begin and end with making customers successful and utilizing your products and services to grow profitably doing it.

Our Training – It’s All About You!

The easiest way to learn something is to do it.  Our product management training programs are more hands-on and more relevant to your markets, products, your business model and the culture of your organization than any other provider.

Our Consulting Services

Operationalizing product management, product marketing and sales enablement is at the core of everything we do. Our consulting services can help you get started from scratch, fine tune your current operation and everything in between.

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Contact us

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