The B2B Product Manager Magazine March 2017 is now available.

In this issue we cover everything from obsessing over customer success to demo techniques to improving your website lead generation and conversion. We also throw in a few tips for improving feature adoption, product demos, product planning and win-loss analysis.

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In This Issue:

Blog: High-Octane Product Management

  • Obsess Over Customer Success and Product Success is All But Guaranteed
  • Three Unexpected Data Points That Will Boost Your Website Lead Generation
  • Marketing Buzzwords: Why You Should Keep Them Out of Your Lexicon
  • Web Demos: Engaging An Audience You Can’t See
  • Product Demo Techniques: Telling Versus Selling

In the Trenches FAQs: For Inquiring Product Management Minds

  • How Can We Improve Adoption of New Features?
  • Win-Loss Analysis: Is It Really the Product?

Product Management Playbook

  • Removing Speed Bumps in Your Product Planning Process
  • Answering the “Product Vision” Questions With Something…Visionary

Enjoy our March issue!