More Personalization Further Reduces the Gap Between Classroom and Real-World

GREENVILLE, SC – April 12, 2018 — Proficientz announced today its 2018 Product Management University training curriculum, a series of training courses that teach best practices in product management, product marketing and sales enablement for B2B and B2B2C organizations. The new modular course structure offers Proficientz clients an even more personalized training experience to further reduce the gap between training and real-world practice.

Proficientz is known for its unique approach of mapping course content specifically to the clients’ products and markets. The company recently introduced a new modular structure that allows clients to mix and match course modules in a way that’s even more conducive to replicating their “real world” in a classroom setting. The clients’ markets, products and business model are still the centerpiece of the training – but the new modular approach makes it easy to bring together cross-functional teams to complete real work as part of the training. The five training modules are as follows.

  1. Markets & Customer Goals – Learn how to understand your target customers as well or better than they understand themselves from the top down so that your product solutions, marketing messages and sales conversations are more relevant to the strategic goals of the customer.
  2. Opportunities & Priorities – Learn a can’t-miss approach for identifying most lucrative opportunities for short-term revenue and longer-term growth by aligning plans and priorities to the strategic goals of your target customers.
  3. Build & Deliver – Learn how to deliver products that hit the mark every time by creating the ultimate customer success stories before you design and build the solutions.
  4. Market & Sell – Learn how to create more credible value messaging that convinces your target customers you’re as knowledgeable about their industry and business dynamics as they are.
  5. Present & Demo – Learn how to deliver presentations and demos that bring the buyer’s vision to life right before their eyes and create an urgency to get the deal done.

Joan Griffin, Director of Learning & Development at PointClickCare, a cloud-based healthcare software provider for senior care, has experienced the difference. “Over the course of a recent two-day workshop, I saw cross-functional teams from product management, marketing, sales, and professional services change the way they articulate value to our chosen markets.  The training incorporated real work that our teams create every day — such as customer roadmaps, market and segment messaging, demo scenarios and copy for marketing campaigns – which allowed our staff to immediately apply their learning to their day to day roles. We believe the Proficientz approach of ‘flipping the script’ and making our customers and their business goals the centerpiece of our thinking and planning will have a big impact on our ability to better deliver and articulate value to our customers.”

Proficientz also offers a Product Management Certification that’s unique to product management, product marketing and sales enablement skills in B2B and B2B2C organizations.

Incentive Pricing

To complement the new training structure, Proficientz has changed its pricing to give clients added incentive to train people across multiple business functions that interact directly with product management. The new flat-fee pricing results in substantially lower training fees than the per-person pricing used by other product management training organizations.

Proficientz differentiates itself in the training industry by helping clients develop an “outside-in” perspective on product management, marketing and sales. “Our framework has always placed stronger emphasis on helping clients create successful customers versus a traditional focus that starts and ends with creating successful products,” according to John Mansour, Managing Partner at Proficientz.

“Additionally, our training programs have always been facilitated using each client’s markets and products, ensuring a high relevance factor that facilitates faster adoption. The newest version of our training programs raises the bar on both fronts by exemplifying each client’s implementation of the Proficientz Framework throughout the training.”

About Proficientz

Proficientz is a training organization that specializes in product management, product marketing and sales enablement for B2B and B2B2C organizations. The business goals of the customer are centerpiece of the Proficientz Framework and Training Programs which help solution providers identify the biggest obstacles to success so they can deliver, market and sell solutions that make customers measurably better at their business.