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2016 Resolutions for Product Management & Marketing

Happy 2016! Here are two New Year's resolutions that can make 2016 more prosperous for product management, marketing, and sales teams. 1. Get to Know Your Target Customers Better If you can make this resolution stick, every aspect of product management, product marketing and sales enablement gets easier. Why? The deeper your customer insights, the [...]

Conversational Marketing & Selling: What Language Are You Speaking?

Think back to the last really engaging conversation you had. You were speaking the same language and it just clicked. What if you could develop that same chemistry through your positioning and sales conversations? Your pipeline would have more qualified prospects and you’d close more deals. Buyer-Speak vs. Seller-Speak Here’s the problem: organizations that sell [...]

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Selling Vision to Customers

How Do You Sell Your Vision to Customers? […]

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Selling Things We Don’t Have

How can we stop our salespeople from selling things we don’t have? […]

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Voice of the Customer or Voice of the Sales Pipeline?

How cautious should we be with “voice of the customer” input when it’s really “voice of the sales pipeline?” […]

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Positioning Unique Technical Capabilities

Our product is very unique technically, but we’re having trouble articulating that uniqueness in non-technical terms and we sound just like everyone else. Any suggestions? […]

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Business Requirements and Value Propositions – Using the Same Content for Different Purposes

Business requirements usually refer to customer needs that your products currently don’t satisfy while value propositions refer to customer needs your products can satisfy. The Playbook: Define customer needs in a manner that doesn’t require your product marketing team to reinvent the wheel to position your solutions effectively once they’re available. […]

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Competitive Comparisons Salespeople Will Love

If you’re a salesperson in the throes of a competitive deal, there’s nothing better than a zinger or two to tilt the scales back in your favor. The Playbook: Don’t equip your salespeople with feature comparisons. Give them a couple of easy-to-remember business situations that are highly stressful to most prospects and the layman’s version of why you’re a better option than the competition. […]

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Headlines For a Marketing Campaign

Are benefit statements the most effective when it comes to writing a headline for a marketing campaign? […]

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Should Sales Enablement Be the New Product Marketing?

A clever person once said that it’s product management’s job to put the products people want to buy on the shelf, and product marketing’s job to get buyers to take them off the shelf. For B2B companies, emptying those shelves requires a unique competency in your sales force that goes beyond the capabilities of a typical product marketing function. […]

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