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  • VOC

Voice of the Customer: One Size Does Not Fit All

Nothing bad comes from listening to the voice of the customer. In fact, it’s all good. Any customer insights are better than none. Make it a routine business practice and you’ll get higher-value products and solutions to market faster, grow revenue and have a lot of loyal customers. […]

  • Effective product positioning

Stress-Out Your Buyers For More Effective Product Positioning

Effective product positioning comes in many forms. But there’s only one outcome you’re looking for: An emotional reaction. Do it consistently and your pipeline will be chock full of qualified leads. Reminding your buyers of their biggest stressors before serving up the solutions is one way to evoke the emotional reaction that ultimately engages your salespeople with decision-makers. […]

Why Every Product Strategy Needs a Strong Narrative

Want to give your product strategy the best odds of succeeding? Then consider the “hashtag” world we live in these days: People and companies don’t create plans. They create movements to ignite passion and energize others to jump on their bandwagon. Your product strategy doesn’t need hashtags. But you do need to think about how to create impassioned momentum, both inside and outside the organization, to push your strategy over the countless hurdles and detours it’ll encounter along the way. Create a movement — starting with a strong narrative — and you’ll have an army of supporters that take the weight of the world off your shoulders.  […]


Solve Customer Problems That Have Greater Strategic Impact!

Your target customers value business solutions more than products because solutions address problems that have greater strategic value to their organization.

Our new product management book, Managing Products to Deliver Solutions, serves up 25 best practices for a more strategic approach to product management, product marketing and sales enablement that results in higher-value solutions for customers and faster growth for your organization.

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In the Trenches FAQs

  • product management FAQs

Closing the Gap Between Strategic Priorities and Product Priorities

There’s Always a Big Gap Between the Priorities of Our Strategy Team and Product Management’s Priorities. What’s the Best Way to Close That Gap? […]

  • product management FAQs

Selling Product Plans

What Are The Most Effective Techniques for Selling Product Plans and Getting Them Funded? […]


Product Management Playbook

  • Using Customer Focus Groups for Multiple Purposes

Using Customer Focus Groups: How to Get a “TwoFer”

How are you using customer focus groups? They’re typically one-dimensional. They guide teams on prioritizing product enhancements, and to a lesser extent, may be used to validate product designs. If you’re going to use customer focus groups, be sure to utilize them to the fullest extent during the upstream planning phases as well as the downstream launch phases. The Playbook: […]

  • market speak

Market Speak Versus Product Speak: Become a Magnate and a Magnet

You’ve heard the phrases “product speak” and “market speak.” If you’re in a product management, product marketing or product strategy role, market-speak is your default language. When you hone the skill of talking from the perspective of “the customer,” everything  you say makes sense because market and business conversations are simple to understand. Technical product conversations aren’t! The Playbook: […]