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  • Products with Strategic Value

How Much Strategic Value Do Your Products Deliver to Executive Buyers?

Selling strategic value to the C-suite is the Holy Grail for B2B product and service companies. But a huge chasm still exists between the goal and the reality. Why? It comes down to two things. […]

  • Competitive Analysis for Portfolio Management

Situational Competitive Analysis – Time to Get Rid of The Feature Comparison Spreadsheet

Ask any product, marketing or sales person for a competitive comparison and there’s a good chance you’ll get a feature comparison matrix. If you subscribe to the belief that features represent “how” a product works, consider a more insightful approach — situational competitive analysis — comparisons of customer business situations and the impact or results your products deliver versus the competition. […]

  • Product Portfolio Management White Paper

WHITE PAPER: Redefine Your Customer and Hit the Mark – There’s No Time For Target Practice

If you asked 10 people in any product or service organization to interpret the phrase, "define target customer," you'd probably get 10 different [...]


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Your customers value integrated solutions more than products because solutions address problems that have a greater strategic impact to their organization.

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In the Trenches FAQs

  • product management FAQs

Selling Product Plans

What Are The Most Effective Techniques for Selling Product Plans and Getting Them Funded? […]

  • product management FAQs

Defining Your MVP Without Features

Is There an Easier Way to Define Your MVP? It Feels Like We’re Back to the Same Old Feature Negotiations. […]


Product Management Playbook

  • market speak

Market Speak Versus Product Speak: Become a Magnate and a Magnet

You’ve heard the phrases “product speak” and “market speak.” If you’re in a product management, product marketing or product strategy role, market-speak is your default language. When you hone the skill of talking from the perspective of “the customer,” everything  you say makes sense because market and business conversations are simple to understand. Technical product conversations aren’t! The Playbook: […]

  • Definition of Product Portfolio Management

The Simple Definition of Product Portfolio Management – Are You Already Doing It?

The simplest definition of product portfolio management emphasizes customer success over product success. Since most of your products target the same customers, product management can adopt a common view of the customer organization from the top down. The Playbook: […]