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  • Competitive Analysis for Portfolio Management

Situational Competitive Analysis – Time to Get Rid of The Feature Comparison Spreadsheet

Ask any product, marketing or sales person for a competitive comparison and there’s a good chance you’ll get a feature comparison matrix. If you subscribe to the belief that features represent “how” a product works, consider a more insightful approach — situational competitive analysis — comparisons of customer business situations and the impact or results your products deliver versus the competition. […]

  • Product Portfolio Management White Paper

WHITE PAPER: There’s No Time For Target Practice – Redefine Your Customer and Hit the Mark

Most B2B organizations define target customer and user as one in the same. But the fact is, even though products are built for users and [...]

  • resolutions for product management

2016 Resolutions for Product Management & Marketing

Happy 2016! Here are two New Year's resolutions that can make 2016 more prosperous for product management, marketing, and sales teams. 1. Get to [...]


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Your customers value integrated solutions more than products because solutions address problems that have a greater strategic impact to their organization.

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  • product management FAQs

Defining Your MVP Without Features

Is There an Easier Way to Define Your MVP? It Feels Like We’re Back to the Same Old Feature Negotiations. […]

  • product management FAQs

Priorities For New Product Management Teams

What Are Some of the Top Priorities For New Product Management Teams? […]


Product Management Playbook

  • Definition of Product Portfolio Management

The Simple Definition of Product Portfolio Management – Are You Already Doing It?

The simplest definition of product portfolio management emphasizes customer success over product success. The Playbook: Identify the business obstacles that prevent your target customers from meeting their business goals. Call a product management team huddle, put your heads together and determine which obstacles your organization is most capable of eliminating. With the entire portfolio at your disposal, identify the products and services that form the solutions to remove those obstacles. Then… […]

The Practical Side of Strategic and Tactical Product Management

There’s a common misconception that strategic and tactical refer to job responsibilities of product managers. The real-world implementation reveals that strategic and tactical are more about the customer than the product manager. The Playbook: Look at your target customers through a strategic and a tactical lens. It will help you understand the strategies they have in place at the executive levels and the tactical activities at the user level that have the biggest impact on those strategies. Connect the two and you’ll deliver, market and sell higher value solutions with less effort. […]