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2016 Resolutions for Product Management & Marketing

Happy 2016! Here are two New Year's resolutions that can make 2016 more prosperous for product management, marketing, and sales teams. 1. Get to [...]

Agile Development: Early Predictions vs. Current Reality

Remember when the Internet was going to eliminate the middleman? We all know how that turned out! Whenever something new and revolutionary comes along, the bold predictions usually play out in three forms: The part that was way off base. The part that was accurate. The part no one predicted – which brought unexpected benefits. Agile development is no exception, especially as it relates to product management. […]

Conversational Marketing & Selling: What Language Are You Speaking?

Think back to the last really engaging conversation you had. You were speaking the same language and it just clicked. What if you could [...]


Solve Customer Problems That Have Greater Strategic Impact!

Your customers value integrated solutions more than products because solutions address problems that have a greater strategic impact to their organization.

Our new book, Managing Products to Deliver Solutions, serves up 25 best practices for a more strategic approach to product management, product marketing and sales enablement that result in higher-value solutions.

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In the Trenches FAQs

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Selling Vision to Customers

How Do You Sell Your Vision to Customers? […]

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The 5-5-5-Screening Process for New Product Ideas

Is there a quick and painless way to screen new product ideas? We’re constantly inundated. […]


Product Management Playbook

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Giving Your Portfolio Strategy a Market-Facing Theme

When it comes to strategy, most goals or themes are internally focused on growth, profitability, etc. The Playbook: Create a market-centric theme that answers three questions: Where are we going (target markets)? How will we get there (customer goals and obstacles we’re addressing)? Why will we succeed (go-to-market tactics)? […]

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Get More Face Time With Customers to Uncover Needs

There are two keys to getting more face time with customers and uncovering critical needs. The Playbook: 1) Product Management has to be organized in a way that makes customer communications systematic and purposeful, and 2) the objective of these customer meetings can’t be mixed with meetings to resolve product issues. […]