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Is Your Product Strategy Like a Bad Maps App?

If your product strategy changes so often that the execution of the smallest project is a challenge, you may have the equivalent of a bad maps app on your hands. The culprit? It’s too much about the product. The fix? Center your product strategy on the business goals of your target customers, and both the destination and turn-by-turn directions will be crystal clear.  […]

  • VOC

Voice of the Customer: Listening in Layers

Nothing bad comes from listening to the voice of the customer. In fact, it’s all good. Any customer insights are better than none. Make it a routine business practice and you’ll get higher-value products and solutions to market faster, grow revenue and have more loyal customers. In B2B though, the customer’s voice has multiple layers that require unique listening skills. […]

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The Product Management Career Ladder: Tactical. Operational. Strategic.

Before your mind wanders too far, let’s set the record straight. In B2B product management, tactical, operational and strategic refer to layers in the customer organization – not your job responsibilities. Master each of these customer domains and the next rung on the product management career ladder awaits. […]


Solve Customer Problems That Have Greater Strategic Impact!

Your target customers value business solutions more than products because solutions address problems that have greater strategic value to their organization.

Our new product management book, Managing Products to Deliver Solutions, serves up 25 best practices for a more strategic approach to product management, product marketing and sales enablement that results in higher-value solutions for customers and faster growth for your organization.

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In the Trenches FAQs

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Managing Enhancement Requests

Any suggestions on managing enhancement requests? We have hundreds of them in a spreadsheet. […]

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Closing the Gap Between Strategic Priorities and Product Priorities

There’s Always a Big Gap Between the Priorities of Our Strategy Team and Product Management’s Priorities. What’s the Best Way to Close That Gap? […]


Product Management Playbook

  • The Problem With Requirements is

The Problem With Business Requirements is “The Problem”

To most product managers, business requirements are synonymous with customer or market problems, and that’s a big problem. Why? A well-defined problem doesn’t begin with the problem. The Playbook: To clearly articulate a customer problem, start with an activity or task (i.e., responding to a customer inquiry) followed by the goal of performing that task (i.e., to quickly and accurately provide an answer). Then list the biggest obstacles to meeting that goal. The combination of the task + the goal + the obstacles = a crystal clear business requirement, a.k.a., the problem definition. […]

  • Using Customer Focus Groups for Multiple Purposes

Using Customer Focus Groups: How to Get a “TwoFer”

How are you using customer focus groups? They’re typically one-dimensional. They guide teams on prioritizing product enhancements, and to a lesser extent, may be used to validate product designs. If you’re going to use customer focus groups, be sure to utilize them to the fullest extent during the upstream planning phases as well as the downstream launch phases. The Playbook: […]