Deliver, Market & Sell Solutions With Strategic Customer Value

That’s What Separates the Proficientz B2B Product Management Framework From All Others!

When you manage and market each product like a business (traditional product management), you’re missing a golden opportunity to differentiate and drive new growth. Why? Because the product model is too heavily focused on tactical user value with little to no emphasis on delivering strategic value to the executive buyer. Additionally, the product model reinforces silos with competing priorities. That’s why they’re constantly changing.

Adopt the Proficientz B2B Product Management Framework and you get the best of both worlds — delivering business solutions that have strategic value to executive buyers via integrated products and services that have mass appeal to tactical users.

That’s the uniqueness of the Proficientz B2B Product Management Framework – deliver, market and sell solutions with greater strategic value than any single product! See how easy it is to learn and implement.

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Proficientz has the only product management framework that’s exclusive to B2B and B2B2C organizations. Take a walk through the evolution of our framework to learn how a partnership with Proficientz keeps your product management discipline at the top of its game.