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Product Management Framework for B2B
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Improving the WHAT & WHY Part of Product Management

We're good on the HOW part!  The influx of technical people in product management roles means we're really good at defining technical solutions, product specifications and driving both through the development process.

The WHAT & WHY part is the biggest opportunity for product management to improve its overall effectiveness - defining market and business needs in the words of senior managers, executives and users before diving into the technical details of HOW the products will work to satisfy those needs.

The greater the clarity of the upstream WHAT & WHY part, the easier the execution of the downstream HOW part!  

Our fifth generation Framework makes it easier than any other framework for B2B organizations to connect the WHAT & WHY planning to the HOW execution.  

Contact us to learn how our framework and product management training courses help your team take a stronger role in driving growth.






Why a goal of building great products may be counter-productive in B2B.



View the 3-minute video to learn how our 5th generation framework continues to simplify B2B product management & marketing.


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