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Product Management Framework for B2B
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Your Portfolio is More Valuable Than the Sum of Your Products!

You can have a team of product managers working in silos and competing for resources to build great products for users (like a consumer product company) or you can have a team of product managers working together to deliver high-value integrated solutions that are more valuable to businesses and their customers.

The Proficientz Framework is a set of proven best practices for managing your products collectively (the portfolio) with the goal of delivering high-value solutions for businesses.

Remember: In B2B, what's best for each product isn't always best for your organization. The Proficientz Framework offers a unique approach that keeps your portfolio consistently on track to a destination that's most desirable for your organization.






If your product management team is too focused on building "great products" for business customers that value integrated solutionscontact us today to learn how our one-of-a-kind B2B framework and product management training courses help your team uncover needs that are more strategic to businesses and deliver higher value solutions. 


Colors of the Proficientz Framework

  1. Purple – Establish Your Market Focus
    Crystal clear answers to the following WHO, WHAT & WHY questions simplify strategy decisions and subsequent execution across the board.
  2. Blue – Determine Strategic Portfolio Priorities
    A single portfolio strategy is the lynchpin to eliminating competing product silos, constantly changing priorities and improving execution in R&D, marketing and sales.
  3. Green – Execute & Measure Product, Marketing and Sales Enablement Plans
    Execution is the HOW part of the equation, and the devil is always in the details! The greater the clarity of the upstream WHO, WHAT & WHY part, the easier the execution of the downstream HOW part




Why a goal of building great products may be counter-productive in B2B.



View the 3-minute video to learn how our 5th generation framework continues to simplify B2B product management & marketing.


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