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It's the Goal That Makes Our B2B Framework Unique!

In B2B, it's not about building great products!  The name of the game is solutions!  And the single most important competency for a high-performing B2B product management & marketing discipline is a comprehensive understanding of the top-to-bottom business of your target-customer organizations, their goals and the biggest obstacles they face in meeting those goals

When your team develops that competency, they'll consistently deliver higher value solutions by…

  • educating the organization with new market insights that aren’t recognized by other disciplines.
  • igniting people’s passions and emotions by uncovering problems customers never knew they had until there was a solution, now everyone has to have it.
  • advising senior management and executives on various alternatives that align the strategic goals of the organization to its most lucrative market opportunities.
  • executing daily activities with greater focus and purpose because all product initiatives  are synchronized to a common strategy that’s centered on market/customer value.

...all of which translate into greater value for your organization and greater influence for product management and marketing!


White Paper Graphic 72dpiRead our 3-page white paper that illustrates why a goal of building great products may be counter-productive in B2B.



FrameworkView a short demo to see how we've integrated our tools & templates into the framework to simplify the implementation.

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